A dairy farm in northwestern Wisconsin was my home as I was growing up. My husband and I now live on a small farm in the same area. We have four grown children, four cute, wonderful grandchildren, and another on the way. When we are not working at our business or tending our small herd of beef cattle, my husband and I love to travel. Our treks have taken us to most of the states of the United States and provinces of Canada, to Puerto Rico and to Germany. We tend to take the back roads and to explore those places that don’t appeal to most people but there is great inspiration for stories in the desolate areas, in the smallest towns, and in the unhurried, quiet places. I even trekked with a wagon train for a week. It was a wonderful experience that offered a lot of insight.
Though I contemplated writing a novel for many years, it was not until I had raised my children and left my job in the corporate business world that I became serious about writing for publication. I made it my goal to see how far I could get on a novel in one year. At the end of that time, I knew I could finish the manuscript and I did. But it took valuable editing advice and months of rewriting to make the story fit for submission for publication.

Black Mesa, a contemporary western romance, eventually became a reality. My writing efforts quickly turned to historical fiction, a genre which I immensely enjoy. The Protector is the story of a swordfighter and the daughter of a Christian martyr set in 1639. The Killing of Luther Dunn, with its Norwegian immigrants and western man returned home to Dallas, Wisconsin, is set in 1899. Unrefined brings to life the trials of a three-generation farm family in the Brill, Wisconsin area during the Great Depression.
AboutImage2Though my stories vary widely in setting, times, and plot, most of the characters are common folk like you and me. They face hardship and temptations, find love, lose loved ones, learn from their mistakes or find it in their heart to forgive. There are those who hold onto their hurts, but others grow in faith, overcome bitterness, or learn to trust someone who once betrayed them.

Amid the action, adventure, drama or romance, I pray that my stories will not only entertain you but that they will also encourage you and give you a sense of hope. My hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ and what he did at the Cross. In him, lives change, relationships are restored, and overwhelming obstacles are overcome. What the Savior does for my fictional characters, he can also do for you.