Unrefined is a Hungry Hollow Tale, set in the Brill, Wisconsin area at the height of the Great Depression. The Connor family faces devastating loss above their economic uncertainty. None of them will survive unscathed. Will some of them not survive at all?

My new series of collectible novels will take you back to a time which we now experience only through historical sites, farm shows, or old time threshing bees. Each book will feature different tractors or equipment and showcase a select tractor club, farm show, or community. Each story is a stand-alone novel, though many characters will appear in more than one tale. Exciting, adventurous, and packed with country people and country living, the stories are Christian fiction—that is, the characters base their code of right and wrong on Biblical standards and the language of the books is not vulgar, explicit, or gory.


When Sigrid Dunn’s wayward husband disappears the day the stage coach is robbed of railroad money, Luther becomes a prime suspect in the theft. But who killed Luther and why? Did charming newcomer Jake Kearney have anything to do with The Killing of Luther Dunn? Will Sigrid learn to trust the right people or will she stubbornly hold onto her hurts until she loses that which she holds dear?


When Cassidy Henderson’s life is threatened, she willingly follows Brady Hollister to what she thought was safety. But danger still lurks, for Brady plans to face his most bitter enemy one last time on Black Mesa.


Intrigue. Conspiracy. Pretention. Sir Thomas Blackaby has vowed to be The Protector of secretive Anne Dutton until the ship arrives in the New World. But betrayal mocks their budding love and a vicious enemy awaits his chance at revenge.